Work With me!

There are a few ways we can work together. If you need help with any of the topics listed below, feel free to email me directly at!

Sales Mentoring

After co-founding an award winning Startup in Austria where I was responsible for sales, I made my way to Silicon Valley ( to learn much more about the modern art of selling. I truly believe that sales is the #1 skill you need to do anything successfully!

Up to date I’ve made over 20,000 sales calls, sent hundreds of thousands of sales emails and close deals worth millions of dollars. I’m an expert when it comes to inside sales (selling via phone/emails/video conferences) and help startups and SMB business owners set up scalable sales processes. 

If this expertise is something you’re looking for, I’m happy to help! 

Book me as Speaker

I’m passionate about sharing my learnings about sales and the startup world no matter how big or small the audience is! I’ve spoken at various events all over Europe and am also excited to share my career path at schools at universities!

Send me an email or book me directly via

For more in depth sessions I also offer university lectures on the matter of Sales and Startups as well as hold half- and full-day workshops for Businesses, Universities and Startups.

Brand Collaborations and Content Creation
Social Media and Content Creation are a must have these days, no matter if you’re looking to grow a personal brand or promote your business and/or products.

I’m very selective about the brands I work with on my blog and social media channels. That being said, if you have a brand or product that you can get me excited about to genuinely recommend it to my audience, I’m always open to discuss brand collaborations!

Photography and Videography is something I truly love. Should you be looking for professional content for your Social Media channels, I’d be happy to see how I can help!

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