How it felt winning mister Austria


How it felt winning Mister Austria

On October 28th I won the Mister Austria Finals 2017 in Vienna, officially making me the “most desired man in my country” aka. Mister Austria for the year ahead! You want to know how the Final Show went, get some backstage insights and hear how I started crying infront of 700 people when I heard my name announced for place #1? πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ Keep reading!

What happened until the Finals?

Vienna, SofiensΓ€le – the perfect pompous opera house style location for an epic showdown. 28 candidates from all over the country qualified to the finals and that night, the winner would be chosen.

In the past weeks all of us could collect points e.g. during the Mister Austria Camp where we had fitness and photoshooting challenges but also had to prove our skills in communication and social media.

During the grand finals we could additionally collect points given by a prominent jury – it was time to smile, show your charisma, dance skills but also of course your abs and muscles πŸ’ͺ🏼

I won’t lie, I was nervous but more in an “holy cow it’s happening I’m excited” – kind of way. We all worked hard to qualify and did our best so I was happy the finals were finally here.

Before the official start of the show we could mingle with all visitors, take pictures, talk with friends and family and I personally tried to spend as much time with all the great friends that just came to see and support me during the show. I wanted to make sure they had a great time and talk with all of them before us candidates had to go backstage to get ready. Backstage we all did pushups and pull ups to make sure we look good on stage and that took about 30 minutes. We even put some oil on to look extra shiny and we all had so much fun getting ready πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ˜„ Before that we also styled ourselves and made sure our hair is on point and even put on some make up – it was great to see that I’m not the only “girly” guy in Austria putting a lot of effort into being a beauty princess πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ΈπŸΌ

The Show

All of us candidates had to prepare a welcome move for the first stage walk we did. That was the moment the entire crowd (over 600 people) would see you for the first time. The outfit for this big moment – a pair of blue jeans! I worked a lot on my physique to prepare for the show and dieted hard. So it was time to shine, show off your body, put a big grin on and start walking…

Wondering what my welcome move was? Ever since I knew this was coming up, I was determined to leave an impression. I wanted to do a backflip infront of the crowd! So I practiced as much as I could for weeks until I was 100% sure I can pull it off even if I was nervous. I was nervous and excited and ready. I didn’t have a doubt.. or did I? I just walked, waved and jumped . . . And everything worked out – I landed safely on both of my feet! This moment was more important that you might think as it gave me a good boost of confidence and energy for the rest of the show! When I walked back I was so happy and knew that all the practice and mind control paid off.

Part of the show was also dancing – I used to do a little bit of hip hop and break dance in the past and I personally love dancing. I had so much fun practicing but also dancing on stage and it was great to dance with all the other guys – it truly was an energy explosion and we all had a blast πŸ˜„πŸ•ΊπŸ» While dancing I made sure to smile and just enjoy it – I think that’s what makes a good dancer. I’m not professional by far but I had tons of fun and wasn’t afraid of being a clown as you can see in the picture below πŸ™ˆ



During the finals the host also announced the winners of the challenges. I was surprised to have reached top 5 in the fitness challenge (that was an entire day of push ups, sprints, pull ups and more and it was probably one of the physically most challenging days in my life). There were so many fit guys and I did not think I’d be top 5 at all! I didn’t win this challenge but I knew reaching top 5 gave me good points.


I was also announced top 5 for the photoshoot challenge and also won it! Surprised for sure, since I was very critical of my own pictures. However, the photographers also rated how the candidate behaved and communicated during the shooting and I think that’s where I was able to score πŸ˜„

Winning Mister Austria 2017 and placing #1

After about 2 hours of flexing, smiling and dancing the top 10 were nominated. We were interviewed on stage and after that the top 5 were nominated where I was beyond excited to have a spot!! At this point I was thinking that I might even have a chance for the title but I knew it would be super close and I could also end up placing 5th.

One last walk and the jury could give points from 4-6 for one last time. I love speaking in front of people and this is where I could score again. I noticed that the crowd was very loud so I made sure to speak up so that the jury and everybody could hear me well and show that I was confident in front of big crowds. Then they announced the winner…

I COULDN’T EVEN BELIEVE IT! It was crazy to hear my name for Mister Austria 2017 and from that moment on it was like a black out. Everything went so fast. All the boys were so incredibly awesome and congratulated me and tapped my back – that meant so much to me as all of us worked so hard and we became a little family in the last months πŸ–€

I received the sash and the trophy and suddenly there were dozens of photographers – time to smile! But all I did was trying to hold back my tears πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ It was a very emotional moment and in those moments I realized that all the hard work paid off! This will be a moment that I’ll remember for a lifetime. I knew I gave all I had in the last months and it all came down to this.

It was hard not to sprint to my family and friends and hug and celebrate them, especially seeing my Mum in tears of joy. I made sure to take all the press pictures and interviews which was an amazing experience. You do feel like a little star and in that moment, I just enjoyed it. Then I had my friends and family come up on stage, hug all of them and thank them for coming and supporting me πŸ™πŸΌπŸ–€

There were so many people coming up and congratulating me and it just felt incredible!

I also want to congratulate Haris Samardzic (Place 2) and Robert Pichler (Place 3). ALL of the boys were absolutely incredible and until the last moment I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off. Everybody gave it their all and performed absolutely incredible and I’m beyond happy to also have gotten some great new friends out of this!

What’s next?

Winning the title was absolutely incredible. At the same time I know that even with something like this, nothing is handed to you in life. I already had some first interviews and was in newspapers all around the country but I’m aware that this is just the initial media push.

The reason I participated to begin with was because I wanted to show that a Mister is not only good looking and fit, but that you can achieve a lot in many different areas of life. As a Master Graduate in Business, award winning Startup Founder, Silicon Valley Sales Executive, Speaker and Blogger I want to show especially young people that you can do a lot of great things if you believe in yourself! #mindgains

Spreading this message won’t stop, no matter if I’m Mister Austria or not. But now that I am, I will use this massive opportunity and as always – give it my all and work hard!

Thanks for reading and your support! πŸ™πŸΌπŸ˜Œ

Hi, I’m Alberto Nodale.

I’m a Sales Executive, Startup Founder, Mister Austria and Speaker – random right? ButΒ all the success I’ve had so far has one common denominator – mindset & personal growth. And I’ll show you, how you can work on your personal growth to reach your goals!