Motivatiing yourself at home

5 quick tips for INSTANT motivation

Motivating yourself at home (5 quick tips for INSTANT motivation)

Are you currently at home reading this blogpost, even though you should be doing something else? No worries, here you’ll find ways for motivating yourself at home!

No matter if you have a lack of motivation for doing that homework out, doing your taxes, getting something else done, whatever it is, you will find five tips here today in this video that will help motivating yourself at home instantly. At the end I’m also going to tell you why you might be having longer periods of a lack of motivation, and what exactly you can do against that. But now let’s start with tip number one.

1) Get enough Sleep!

Tip number one for motivating yourself at home is to get enough quality sleep. Sleep is super important. If you actually don’t sleep enough, it’s similar to drinking alcohol. Studies have shown that you just have a foggy mind and you can’t really concentrate. So make sure you get enough sleep is to first of all, sleep enough the night before. But right now, if you have a motivation low, take a power nap. Sleep for 25-30 minutes, wake up, use that energy to get things started. What the perfect number of sleep is each night, you will have to figure that out for yourself. For me, for example, it’s around seven hours. Don’t sleep too long, sleeping nine or ten hours can take away motivation and energy again. So just play around with it, but make sure to get enough sleep.

2) Set time goals!

Tip number two is to set yourself time goals. I’ll give you two examples here. Number one is set a timer to five minutes and just tell yourself, “Okay, I’m going to work on this one thing I need to get done for five minutes.” And if you don’t want to keep going, and the timer goes off after five minutes, you’re simply going to stop. But what you will see most of the times is that if you do that, you will keep on working because in most cases, it’s just the momentum you’re lacking, the effort to get started. So with this little trick you can get started and you will see most of the times you’ll actually keep going.

And the second time tip, or a time-tracking tip, is the Pomodoro technique. So set a timer for 25 minutes and you will work during the time, focused on whatever you want to get done, and then take five minutes break, and get back after those five minutes break and then do 25 minutes again. So that way you’re basically time blocking the work and the pause times, and that way you will get more done in a single hour for example.

3) Watch Motivational Videos!

Tip number three is to watch a motivational video. I love motivational videos, they get me hyped up and you can really use them to get some extra motivation. I’ll link a video down in the description box to one of my blog posts with, for me, the best motivation videos. And what’s really important here is to only watch one, maybe 10-15 minutes, and don’t browse around YouTube and watch three, four or five of those videos and then end up doing nothing. What’s really important is watch one, have fun with it, enjoy it, and then take energy and the motivation to start working on something you need to get done.

4) Reward yourself!

Tip number four is to give yourself rewards. So for example, if you really enjoy watching Netflix, playing video games, or eating chocolate, whatever it is, allow yourself to get those things, but use them as a reward. For example, say, “Hey, I want to finish project XYZ, or do this workout, and if I finish this workout in the evening, I get to watch one show of Netflix.” Or one series of Netflix, or you get to play video games for an hour or whatever it is, but things that you really love, enjoy, and are just fun things to do, use those to reward yourself, to get some energy and some motivation to do the things you feel less motivated for.

5) Surround yourself with motivating people!

And the last tip for motivating yourself at home is number five, to have the right people around you and surround yourself with motivating people. What do I mean by that? It doesn’t have to necessarily be the people you’re living with. It doesn’t even have to be your spouse, your girlfriend, boyfriend. It can be people, just friends of yours even, that are simply motivating to speak to. Or that specific person that you right now are thinking of, “Hey, who energizes me when I just talk to them? Because they’re funny, they’re energetic. Or they’re just, I don’t know, really good friends.” Call those people, give them a call, chat for five to ten minutes, maybe even tell them about your motivation low. And you will see there are people that just have that magic aura and energy that they can pass on. Give those people a call, chat with them and then use that energy to get going and motivate yourself at home to get things done.


If you feel unmotivated regularly, consider this..

All right. So those were the five tips how you can instantly motivate yourself, have more motivation to get things done at home. And at this point, I want to say those are short term motivation lows. If you have longer periods of times, or multiple times a month where you don’t feel motivated for multiple days even, then take a step back and realize that there’s a difference between short term and long term motivation lows. If you have longterm motivation lows frequently, sit down, think about your why behind all the things you’re doing. Why are you trying to do XYZ? Why are you working on this project? If you have a strong vision and life mission, you will have motivation to push through those lows. So make sure that you have a strong reason why you’re doing all those things.

Right now I want to know from you, which one of those five tips did you like the most and which one are you going to use right now to get motivated at home and get things done? Let me know in the comments! I’m doing new videos and blogposts every single week, and I’ll hopefully see you in one of my next ones. Take care and thanks for reading!

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