Sleep better, Become better

My tips on how to sleep better (starting today)!

Sleep better, become better!

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In today’s busy world, sleep seems to have become a luxury we don’t give the attention it deserves. We rarely ask ourselves how we could sleep better or how bad sleep impacts our life. 

Statistics show that not a single country averages at 8 hours of sleep, which was the norm back in 1942. Even if we try to sleep more/better, time spent in bed doesn’t equal time actually sleeping – and studies show that one major reason for this is that many people have issues to let their mind relax but instead keep to think and worry about problems. 

In this article I will share my personal best tips on how to sleep better which allow me to get in 7-8 hours of quality sleep almost daily, and how you can start improving your sleep as well!

Sleep better with these tips that help me get at least 7 hours of quality sleep every night!


The importance of sleep 

There was a time in my life where I thought the less I sleep, the more productive I am. Little did I know back then, that the exact opposite is actually the case. I would work on my startup, study for my master’s degree and then squeeze in a late night workout at 11:30pm just to wake up at 5am the next morning. This may have worked for a limited period of time, but overall I just started to feel worse and worse. 

A popular dogma in the world of “business hustlers” and achievers is that if you only sleep for 5 hours you have so and so more hours of day time which will make you unstoppable. 

While this might be true for some few individuals, studies have shown that sleeping has profound health benefits that improve your focus and with that productivity and overall happiness in life. 


Perform better by sleeping better!

I personally think it’s great to observe a changing perspective on sleep in the world of personal development. Youtube videos ranking up millions of views help understand, why and how sleep is so important and bestsellers like “Peak Performance” dedicate full chapters on the topic.

When I for example prepared for Mister World and won the title of Mister World Europe, I specifically set a sleep goal for myself and saw incredible results for me personally when it comes to fitness. 

So without further ado, here are my best tips on how you can start to sleep better! 

When I started sticking to my own tips, like having a sleep schedule, I started noticing improvements everywhere – focus, gym, recovery etc


My tips on how to sleep better

Here’s an overview of the tips I will be talking about:

  1. Work out and be active daily
  2. Be smart about your caffeine intake
  3. Stick to a sleep schedule
  4. Ventilate your Bedroom
  5. Reduce Technology & Social Media 

Work out and be active daily

If there’s one single thing I could pick to sleep better, it would be this – work out and be active! This in combination with good sleep is a win-win situation. If you go to the gym or work out regularly, you will sleep better automatically because.. well, you simply used more energy and will be more tired compared to not working out at all!

It doesn’t have to be gym sessions with weights but simply going for a run or doing a HIIT workout can do magic to your sleep. 

I can personally tell a big difference to days where I workout compared to when I don’t. So even on rest days, I try to do active like walking more or going for a small jog. 

So by working out you will be able to sleep better instantly and in return you’ll recover better and faster because you’re sleeping better – who can say no to that? 🙂 

Jumping Jacks Exercise

Working out regularly can instantly help you sleep better!


Be Smart about Your Caffeine Intake

I noticed that if I consume caffeine to late in the day (for me after 3pm) I will still feel the effects late in the evening and have a harder time falling asleep. 

This will be different from person to person but I recommend to have an eye on your caffeine intake because it can drastically impact your sleep quantity and quality. 

Strictly sticking to water and staying away from coffee, pre-workout booster and energy drinks after a specific daytime can help you instantly sleep better. Give it a (water) shot!

Staying away from caffeine after 3pm helps me fall asleep better at night.


Stick to a Sleep Schedule

Try to go to sleep and wake up at roughly the same time every day, even on weekends. This will help your body adapt to a natural sleep schedule and by that, get you used to falling asleep easier at night. 

I personally also track my sleep with my Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, which allows me to track me hours of sleep as well as the different sleep phases. You can also connect it to your Samsung Health App to get even more detailed insight into your sleep statistics. 

Tracking my sleep helps me get a better understanding of my sleep patterns and habits.

Tracking your sleep can improve your sleep since you can measure differences (e.g. less caffeine intake). Don’t fall into the trap of “over-quantifying” yourself. If you choose to track your sleep, use it as a guideline to understand your sleep better. What I like to do is to track my sleep for a week and then take a week off, just to not fall into the trap of overanalyzing everything and becoming pressured in seeing specific numbers each night/morning.

What I like about the Galaxy Watch Active 2 is that 1) tracking is *very* accurate (I once tracked my sleep on a flight and it showed me the 2 minutes when I went to the bathroom) and 2) the watch comes with a silicone wrist wrap which is comfortable to wear, even at night. 

Apps like Samsung Health can help analyze your sleep and with that, help you stick to a sleep schedule!


Ventilate your bedroom 

Sleeping in a stuffy room doesn’t feel good so make sure to ventilate your bedroom regularly,  ideally before going to bed. This will also cool down your bedroom which can help you sleep better naturally!

Ventilate your bedroom before you go to sleep for some fresh air and to cool down the room.


Reduce Technology and Social Media before bed time

Throughout the day I try to be as conscious as possible with my use of technology and for example try to receive as little notifications as possible (check out my blog post on this).

I’ve personally experienced better sleep when I reduce the use of technology and Social Media 30-60 minutes before going to bed. I try to stick to offline activities such as reading a book for example, to simply calm down my mind and not get trapped in dopamine rushes (especially before trying to get a good night sleep!

30-60 minutes before I go to bed I consciously reduce Social Media consumption and e.g. read a book instead.


Sleeping better is not a hack, it’s a necessity  

If you’ve read this article, you’ve most probably already realized that sleep is not only important, but crucial to a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. It took me years myself to 1) realize this and 2) take action by consciously observing my sleep in relation to my lifestyle habits and I can now tell you that it really had a big positive impact on basically everything I do!

Increasing sleep quantity and quality is something we all need to figure out for ourselves. That being said, I’m confident that the tips above can help you sleep better starting today!

I’d love to hear from you! If you have any questions or some tips that help you sleep better, feel free to leave a comment or email me at Best wishes from me and sleep well! 🙂

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