How to hold yourself accountable

Reach your goals with this one trick that helps you hold yourself accountable!
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How to hold yourself accountable (free download at the bottom!)


In life, there are many different times, places and areas you need to hold yourself accountable in order to achieve your goals. No matter if it’s work, school, the gym or relationship – we all struggle from time to time to to do what we want to do because we naturally come up with lots of excuses that keep us from doing what really counts. Of course we want to be accountable towards others, but to do that we first need to learn how to hold ourselves accountable. How to grow our self discipline and prove to ourselves that we’ll do what we said we’re going to do. That we’ll achieve, what we said we’ll achieve. That we’ll reach the goals that we set for ourselves!

Over the years I’ve set and achieved countless goals and came up with lots of small “tricks” to help me reach my goals and stay accountable. It’s the essence of what empowered me to start my first business, study at the same time and reach my fitness goals, The great thing is that it doesn’t matter if you are looking to hold yourself accountable for weight loss, in a relationship or for your goals – I’m going to share one of the most powerful tricks I’ve used to keep myself accountable in any area of life, so that you can do the exact same thing starting today!

The importance of holding yourself accountable

Holding yourself accountable is so important because it’s building your self-discipline. I personally believe that self-discipline is the number one most important trait to reach your goals and live up to your fullest potential. It’s what will help you reach the things you’ve always dreamed of because let’s face it – holding yourself accountable will ultimately make you happier. Trust me when I say that reaching your goals and getting the things you want is addictive. You will get better and better at holding yourself accountable, helping you become the best version of yourself one step at a time.

So what is the easy trick to hold yourself accountable?

It’s a document that you will fill your, print, sign and put up on your a wall! I call this document a “contract to success” and created this during my bachelor and master studies. It was a time where I was drowning in not only uni work and tasks but I was also just getting my first startup off the ground and at the same time was still going to the gym 5-6x a week. You can download a template so that you can write down your goals or whatever it is that you are looking to hold yourself accountable to. It only takes a couple of minutes and I guarantee you that it will help you big time in finally holding yourself accountable!

Why does this contract to success work?

It’s one thing to have some ideas or goals in your mind but it’s a totally different story actually writing out your goals. You’ve probably heard that before. Well, the contract to success is a whole new level because you’re 1) being as detailed as possible 2) you’ll write down a date by when you’ll have achieved your goal and 3) you will SIGN the contract. These steps will ensure that you feel a deep connection to the goal and this is literally signing a contract with yourself. You yourself confirm that you will work hard to reach this goal and the contract to success will help you to hold yourself accountable.

It helps because it’s not just a fuzzy idea anymore but it’s written down and LOOKS official. The reason I made it look official is because I believe that it helps to have something visually appealing because you will be looking at this contract every day Of course you could just jot down your ideas and goals on a piece of paper and have it lie around somewhere on your desk. But believe me that a formal contract that is thought through, looks official and is SIGNED BY YOU will take goal setting, self-discipline and holding yourself accountable to a whole new level!

How do I use the contract to success?

  1. Simply download the template by hitting the button below.
  2. Open the file in word or Goole docs to customize it.
  3. Give your contract a title. Is it a Goal that you want to achieve? Or a phase in your life that you want to master? See the contract examples below to get an idea of what this could look like!
  4. Keep the blank lines empty. This is where you will later fill in your name and a starting date of the contract. Feel free to add an end date if necessary.
  5. Get into detail and fill out the blank areas! What will you achieve/work on? What’s your goal in a sentence? What will you be doing (these are your actionable items)? And what will be the end result?
  6. Add images or any pictures if you want to!
  7. Print the contract to success and sign it
  8. Put the signed contract somewhere where you’ll see it on a daily basis. You don’t have to read it every day but just seeing it will help you to hold yourself accountable!

Use case example – Burpee Challenge!

I started a Burpee challenge on Instagram and this is a perfect scenario of where a contract to success will help you reach your goal!

The challenge is simple – commit  to doing X Burpees for 35 days, in my case I chose to do 50 to keep myself accountable doing a minimum amount of exercise while traveling. I adapted the Contract to Success to this one goal and defined what exactly I will be doing it and why! (see free downloads below)

If you’re taking part in the challenge, I recommend you give it a shot. It will help you push through and you’ll keep going even if it gets hard!

Download your Contract to Success NOW!

Click the links below to directly download a completely customizable template of my contract to success (on the left) and the pre-filled contract to success for my burpee challenge (on the right).

I’d LOVE to hear how this is working for you and what you are using the contract to success for! Feel free to leave a comment directly here and/or DM me on Instagram @albertonodale.

Thanks for reading and all the best with your goals!

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