Best Motivational videos on Youtube

Get motivated by powerful motivational videos!

Best Motivational Videos on YouTube

Looking for the best motivational Videos on YouTube? Makes sense, because in the overflow of motivational videos you can find on the web, it can be difficult to find the really good ones out there – the ones that really fire you up, give you goosebumps, inspire you and make you take action right away.

Over the years I’ve searched for many ways to get inspired and one very powerful one was watching motivational videos. In this blogpost I will share the best motivational videos on YouTube so that you can watch, save and use them to get motivated!

When to watch Motivational Videos

Motivational videos can help you in many ways, for example when you’re feeling tired, down or just not motivated to go to the gym for example. Sometimes we just need a bit of inspiration to keep us going. 

I personally love watching these kind of videos on YouTube early in the morning to get my mindset in place for the day ahead. There is no right or wrong on when to watch them, but I’d like to point out that while it’s great to get motivated by videos, don’t binge watch to a point where you 1) rely on them to feel good and 2) you watch too much of them and don’t actually take action. 

Be careful on how much you rely on this type of content to get you fired up. My recommendation is to use them wisely so that they don’t lose effect on you over time. I personally maybe watch these type of videos around 1-2x per week. See what works best for you!

With that out of the way, here are my personal best motivational videos on YouTube:

Best Motivational Videos on YouTube

Why Do We Fall – Motivational Video

One of my favorites! Great mix of motivational speeches, movie scenes and epic music. Goosebumps guaranteed, especially the part starting at 4:42


I really like this one because it focuses on the mindset of things. It’s about how you need to start changing your mind if you want to change anything in your life. Just changing something outwardly (clothes, house, hair etc.) doesn’t do anything if you don’t have the right mindshift – love that message!

MORNING MOTIVATION – What Successful People Do In the First 8 Minutes of Their Morning

A great one to listen to in the morning! Upbeat music mixed with great speeches – check it out!

Arnold Schwarzenegger Motivation – 6 rules of success speech

A true classic! There was a time during university where I at the same time was starting my first company and still worked out 6x per week – I would listen to this mutliple times a week and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Rules of Success make so much sense and are a great motivator to keep going!

Born To Succeed 

Powerful, scary but also incredibly inspiring! This is how the video starts: “Imagine being on your death bed, and standing around your bed are the dreams given to you by life.. The abilities you never used… If you die this very moment, what will die with you. What dreams, what ideas, what talents, what greatness that you showed up to bring.. Don’t allow fear of failure and the attractiveness of playing it safe in life to draw you in!”

A Channel Recomendation

If you search for motivational videos online, you’ll quickly see that the channel “Mateusz M” comes up over and over again. This creator definitely earns a shoutout at this point – all of his videos are great to watch and have that epic and inspirational vibe to it!

Bonus Tip: Download the Audio!

Sometimes it’s great to simply listen to the inspiring speeches combined with epic music to get you motivated. I love listening to audios while running or in the gym. 

My bonus tip here is to simply download the audio from YouTube using an online mp3 converter. You can simply search for “convert Youtube to mp3” or use this one which I use:

Make sure to only use it for you personal use and not commercially. 

What to do once you’re motivated 

There you have it – you’ve seen some of the best motivational videos on YouTube. So what’s next? TAKE ACTION!!

Again, just getting motivated by external input like audiotapes or videos doesn’t do anything. Use the momentum you gain from getting inspired and take action. Go to the gym, start working on that project, go do what you’ve said you always wanted to do!

I hope you like the videos as much as I do and can use them to your benefit. And now, let’s go take action and take the steps necessary to achieve the goals we’ve set for ourselves! 

Hi, I’m Alberto Nodale.

I’m a Sales Executive, Startup Founder, Mister World Europe and Speaker – random right? But all the success I’ve had so far has one common denominator – mindset & personal growth! And I’ll show you, how you can work on your personal growth to reach your goals!