Best Motivational Audio Platforms to Boost Your Life

Best Motivational Audio Platforms to Boost Your Life

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 Do you want to invest in your personal growth but you’re not a big reader?  Luckily, there are some great ways to consume meaningful content without having to read book after book. In this post, I will show you some of the best motivational audio platforms to boost your life and Personal Growth!



Why Audio?

Audio has many benefits as a medium in itself and unfortunately is often overlooked when people first start their personal development journey. Audio can be consumed literally anywhere and at any time. It’s easy and fun, and if you haven’t added it to your mix of consuming content for growth, there are many reasons to consider adding audio to your repertoire. Below are some of the benefits why you should also include audio format when looking to learn and develop your mind!


Reasons why Audio is a great format for Self-Growth

  • Many free resources available (platforms you might already be using)
  • Easy to consume 
  • Listen anywhere, any time
  • Very affordable
  • Playback audios at your own pace – you can easily speed up audiobooks & co
  • It’s easy to re-listen to audio files to gain new ideas and perspectives (the same is true for books, but would you usually read a book 3x?)
  • For many people it’s more enjoyable than reading books
  • Big potential to trigger emotions and convey messages better
  • Make use of unused time, e.g. on your commute

As you see, there are so many benefits of using audio to feed your brain. All you need is a computer/phone and ideally some good headphones so that you can listen to your favorite audios wherever you are. I personally use the new Galaxy Buds Live which come with Active Noise Cancelling, which is great in noisy areas such as public transport. The sound is crystal clear and I really love them for any audio, be it the newest beats or audiobooks. Now let’s get to the best motivational audio platforms to boost your life!


All you need on the go are some headphones to start listening. I use the Galaxy Buds Live for crystal clear sound and active noise cancelling.


Audiobooks – Audible

Audiobooks must be by far one of my favorite mediums to consume books. The offering has grown tremendously in the last years and you can literally find books on any topic out there – of course including personal development, business and more!

The reason I like audiobooks so much is that you can easily consume a book a week and as mentioned above, you can do it anywhere. I especially enjoy listening to audiobooks while driving or commuting around the city. It helps me use my time wisely and at the same time learn and grow constantly. 

I use Audible as my go to platform for audiobooks. It’s easy to browse categories and available books and you can literally find any book in audio format you can think of. If you haven’t tried it yet, I highly recommend you sign up and grab your first book for free

I use Audible as my go to platform for audiobooks. You can easily find any book you’re looking for and also speed up the playback speed!

Sometimes, in addition to reading the physical book, I listen to the audiobook version to revisit the ideas and insights of the book. Give it a shot, and I’m confident you’ll see as much value as I do in consuming audiobooks on a regular basis!


YouTube is definitely a platform that is underrated for valuable content, especially in the personal development space. There is so much great content on here that in the following section, I will divide it into three categories that I find add the most value if you’re looking to grow as a person. Just as with audiobooks, YouTube can be consumed anywhere by simply putting on your headphones and pressing play. If you sign up for YouTube Premium, you can also listen to the audio while locking your phone, without the video playing.


Youtube – Motivational Videos/Audios

Motivational Videos are a great way to get you fired up and motivated. I’ve written a full blogpost on this topic itself and listed some of the best motivational videos on Youtube. I love listening to these while in the gym or when I’m on a morning run. It’s just a great way to get your energy going! 


Youtube – Interviews

When browsing YouTube, you will find interviews with inspirational people. I find this is a great way to learn from someone that you look up to and to get new perspectives on different topics. 

Listening to interviews is definitely one of the best motivational audio options to boost your life, as it’s easy to digest and consume while offering massive value. Think of it as a way to learn from someone by asking them all the questions that you want to ask – but all you have to do is simply listen!

The long format of full interviews is great for long commutes or when simply chilling at the beach. What’s also great is that you don’t necessarily need the video to it. You’ll get full value and all the learnings from interviews, by simply listening to the audio!  


YouTube – Talks

Imagine you can go to any conference and listen to any of the world famous speakers out there. Without having to pay a single cent. That’s what listening to talks on Youtube is like!

You can find great speeches about any topics out there, especially on personal development! One of my favorite channels is TedTalks, where you’ll find talks with millions of views that can give you many new ideas by simply listening to them.

So plug in your headphones, select a talk and hit play. All you need to do to grow as a person is to be open to new learnings and listening to what others with potentially more experience have to say!

So I’d say it’s easy to see why I’m such a big YouTube fan. There are many different niches you can seach into that make it one of the best audio platforms to help you boost your growth and with that your life!

YouTube can be a great platform for self-growth, offering lots of valuable content for free!

I personally use my Galaxy BudsLive earphones with my Galaxy Note20 Ultra, which not only has a really big 6,9″ display that makes it easy to navigate through audiobooks and YouTube videos, but also has a really powerful battery. So even if you’re a power user like I am, you’ll easily get through the day with one charge. If you run short on battery, you can easily power charge the Galaxy Note20 Ultra in a couple of minutes, giving you lots of extra battery life. 


Calls with Mentors/Friends

A more interactive and at the same time forgotten resource for personal growth are real conversations with real people. As with all the audio resources listed here, you can use calls with mentors and friends to help you grow by simply listening. 

I personally have set a monthly goal for myself to have at least four meaningful calls/conversations with people that inspire and motivate me. The great thing about conversations is that it’s not just one way, but a back and forth. This gives you the opportunity not only to ask questions and grow, but to also give something back in return. 

So the next time you have a road trip ahead or know that you’ll have 30-60 min that you want to invest into your personal development, think of conversations with real people as a great audio resource to boost your life and give someone a call!

If you’re interested in more free resources for personal growth, check out my video I made on this topic:



Listening to podcasts is great because you get new input on a regular basis from the same creator. Many creators add podcasts into their content mix and with the market growing and growing, I’m 100% sure that you will find a podcast that suits your needs. 

Podcasts are often conducted in an interview setup, so in addition to getting new ideas and inspiration from the person creating the podcast, you will also get insights from their guests. 

Also, podcasts are mostly for free! So open up your favorite podcast app (there are lots) and start browsing. 


Spotify – Motivational Music

Especially during workouts and runs, I love listening to motivational music. If you search a little bit on YouTube or Spotify you’ll find not only some great motivational beats and playlists, but also music mixed with inspirational speeches – I really love that kind of music to get me inspired and motivated!

One of my favorite playlist of this kind on Spotify is “Motivation for Workout and Personal Growth”. You can check it out here: Motivation Playlist

Spotify Playlist for Workout Motivation and Personal Growth

Audio for your Personal Growth 🚀 

So there you have it, some of the best motivational audio platforms to boost your life! I really hope that this list gives you some new ideas on how you can use the power of audio to help you improve and ultimately assist you in living the life you want to live. 

I find audio to be such a great resource and really use it constantly throughout the day. Literally, wherever you’ll see me – in the gym, co-working space or just walking around the city – I’ll have my earphones plugged in.

In addition to “just” listening to music, there are so many ways to use it to consume content faster/better than just reading books. If you haven’t mixed it into your mix of content consumption for growth, now is the time! 

If you have any ideas or platforms you’d like to add to this list, feel free to shoot me an email or comment below. Thanks for reading and have an awesome day!



Hi, I’m Alberto Nodale.

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