6 Tips to create better content at home

6 Tips to create better Content at home

How to create compelling content indoors for your social media

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Stuck at home? Chances these days are high that you are. But being at home most of the times doesn’t mean that you can’t create engaging content for your social media channels! With just a few easy tips to create better content at home you can keep taking pictures and recording videos in great quality which your followers will love. Let’s get right into it!


Tip #1: Use daylight (and plan for it!)

The best light you can use for pictures, videos, stories & co is of course daylight. When shooting content at home, I highly recommend planning out your content so that you can shoot when the daylight is best in your home. 

I currently live in Austria and especially during winter time, you only get a few hours of good light that is usable to create content – so it’s essential to use it in the best possible way!

What does that mean? When creating at home, I usually block 1-2 hours around noon-time to take pictures for my Instagram and record stories at that daytime. Always keep in mind to be as close to a window as possible where the daylight naturally shines through. It makes all your content look so much better, no matter if it’s selfie videos for stories or food photography!

Below are some simple examples of using daylight to get great lighting for your photos. Both were taken around noon very close to a window:


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No matter what type of visual content you’re looking to create, daylight should always be your number one source of lightning to go for. It simply looks natural and makes your content shine. This is crucial not just for personal photos, but also when photographing objects or food for example:

Take pictures next to a window to get great daylight lightning for your photos. The Galaxy Z Fold2 5G is great for taking quick snaps and the right daylight setting will make your pictures even better.

Tip #2: Record in Wide-Angle Mode

Creating at home means utilizing everything you have to for diverse content. A great way to do this is to use wide-angle modes, especially for video. It will make your content look different and also gives you new possibilities.

For example, check out the following post. My living room isn’t that big – just about big enough to do a decent home workout. But with the Ultra-Wide-Angle Lens on my Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra I can easily capture my workout and share it on my channels. In the post below, I set up the tripod literally around 1 meter away from me and thanks to the ultra-wide angle mode I can still get everything onto the video:


Video Post recorded with Ultra-Wide-Angle Mode on my Galaxy Note20 Ultra.


Tip #3: Get multiple shots out of the same setup

Let’s face it: There are only so many spots you can use for photos at home. The key to not run out of ideas and content is to use the setups that you have for multiple shots. One location in your home can look completely different from a different angle.

Sometimes also with just a few easy changes in decoration or moving furniture, you suddenly get a completely new look and scenery for your shot. You really want to utilize each corner of your home in different ways to create variety in the content you create.

Let’s have a look at the pictures below for example. The first one is a picture taken on my terrace, creating a coffeehouse type of vibe:

Tilting the camera just half a meter into the other direction and zooming in a bit more, I was able to get a nice portrait shot out of the same location, which I, but also my social media partners were very happy with:

Tip #4: Night Mode

Depending on where you live, at some point it will simply start to get darker in your flat. Regular artificial light in most flats are unfortunately not very suitable for content creation, creating too much of an orange tint.

Fortunately technology is catching up and we now have tools like “Night-Mode” available. I also really like posting stories on my Instagram in the evening and have found Night-Mode to work perfect when it starts to get darker!

It makes the picture look more vivid and really brings out the details. I use the Night-Mode on my Note 20 Ultra. What’s important here is to really hold the phone steady while taking the picture. It takes a little longer compared to the regular mode and is definitely worth the short wait. After a few seconds when the picture is rendered, you will see the magic happen. Even though it’s already basically too dark in your flat to take pictures, the Night-Mode still gives you the opportunity for crisp pictures!

Tip# 5: Written Posts

Creating content doesn’t necessarily mean to only take pictures or record videos.What about written posts? They are highly shareable and you can create them at any given daytime, no matter the current light conditions or setups available you have at home!

While you might have reservations about this type of content “performing” well, I can assure you that it’ll be worth it. Think of it as a new type of content you can add into your mix! Likes might be lower compared to highly visually appealing photos, but written posts give you the opportunity to share your thoughts and connect with your audience in an exciting new way.

For example, check out a post I made for Mental Health Day. I wasn’t tied to filming or taking photos at a specific day time, and thanks to this written post was still able to connect with my followers in Instagram: 


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Tip #6: Use a ring-light

Using a ring light is great if you’ve run out of daylight-time but still want to share stories of you talking for example. A ring-light will make a huge difference in the quality of your video! I also use ring lights for most of my YouTube videos, also because they give you more flexibility as to when you can record. 

Many ring-lights give you the option to adapt the brightness but also color tint of the light. So you can be sure to find the right settings for your content needs. 

Here’s a comparison between a picture with and without ring-light:

Use a ring light to increase your video quality, e.g. for Instagram Stories! Both photos were taken on the selfie camera of my Galaxy Note20 Ultra

Check out my gear list to see what ring light and other equipment I use for my content: https://www.albertonodale.com/empfehlungen/

Get started creating at home!

There you have it, 6 easy and quick tips to create better content at home. Sometimes you just have to make use of what you have to create compelling pictures and videos, especially when spending a lot of time at home. 

A benefit of creating content at home is that 1) you don’t have to commute to a specific location and 2) there’s no rush – you can literally take as much time as you need until you’re happy with the end result!

So give it a shot and try mixing in content created at home!

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