10 Best Instagram accounts to follow for personal growth

Follow these accounts to boost your personal growth!

10 Best Instagram Accounts to Follow for Personal Growth

Did you know? Instagram is ranked worst Social Media Platform for mental health. Crazy right?! Let’s change that by following some of the best Instagram accounts that add real value to our lives!

In this blogpost you’ll discover my Top 10 Best Instagram Accounts to follow for Personal Development and Positivity!

Grab your phone and get ready to check out the best Instagram accounts to follow in 2019 and with that make sure your feed actually helps you become a better version of yourself!

The Problem

Let’s face it – Instagram is a noisy place where we get content thrown at us left, right and center. If you’re like me, your feed might be filled with Influencers exclusively displaying the “good life”, friend’s highlight reels and celebrities lifestyles.

And while I love the platform, I have this internal feeling that something is off. If you’ve watched my stories on Instagram, you know that I think the problem is not necessarily what content creators post, but much more how we consume social media.

Instagram ranked worst social app for mental health

According to this study Instagram ranked worst for young people’s mental health, causing stress and anxiety which can lead to depression. I’m not a doctor and I didn’t conduct the study, but what I know is that we are in charge of how we consume social media.

What I mean by that is that we get to choose whom we follow and can unfollow accounts that we feel don’t add positivity to our lives.

We’re also in charge how content we see affects our thinking – the thing is that we often forget while in zombie scrolling mode.  

Ultimately we can consciously monitor how our consumption affects how we feel (am I motivated or discouraged after scrolling through my Instagram news feed?) and make according changes. 

Why should you follow accounts for personal growth?

Since we’re in charge on who we follow on social media, we can choose how the content we consume impacts us.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be inspired and motivated through Instagram instead of feeling unmotivated and depressed.

And remember, also typical Influencer accounts with amazing pictures or captions can be uplifting. Just remember that in most cases it’s a highlight reel of regular people like you and me that also have problems in their lives.

Again, you get to choose how you consume and perceive content on social media and with the accounts featured in this article, I’ll hopefully get to add some positive variety to your social media consumption.

So my goal with this blogpost is to help you wake up, realize that you can unfollow accounts that you don’t resonate with (even if it’s your closest friends) and show you accounts that I personally love and can help add value to your life while scrolling your feed – here they are, my personal top 10 best Instagram accounts to follow!

Best Instagram Accounts to follow for Motivation and Personal Development


Mel Robbins (@melrobbinslive)

What you’ll see: Quotes, lots of videos, live sessions, interviews

Why to follow? Positivity through lots of video, realness, tackles real life struggles, helps you with anti-procrastination

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This ONE piece of research about procrastination changed my life. It’ll change yours too. If you can’t seem to get started or if you start a bizillion projects but can’t seem to finish a single one, or if the unpaid bills are piling up and you can’t seem to sit down to deal with them, or if you have big dreams but you can’t seem to sit your rear end down and get to work doing the little things– this video is for you. Procrastination might be running your life now, but there’s good news. Procrastination isn’t a personality trait. It’s a pattern. And it is a form of stress relief that becomes a HABIT. And when you realize it is just a pattern, you can now catch yourself and change it. I tell you how in this video. And don’t keep this to yourself! Tag a procrastinator you love, so they can change their life too.

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Mel Robbin is an American TV Host, speaker and author of the 5 Second Rule (recommended read).

Her page is filled with videos that help you tackle every day struggles and empowering quotes.

What I like about her Instagram is that she seems very genuine and real. She also goes live very often to give random insights into her life, her own struggles and how she deals with things.

You’ll also find videos of her giving advice to others so make sure to check her out!


Alex Ikonn (@alexikonn)

What you’ll see: Personal photos combined with meaningful captions on business, relationship and personal life advice

Why should you follow? Nice refreshing personal page with genuine real life pictures, successful in business and personal life

Alex Ikonn’s page must be one of the most down to earth Instagrams I’ve seen. He’s a founder, investor and runs a podcast and he covers topics ranging from business to family life and relationships.

Most of his content is about his personal life and learnings. When he does promote products (e.g. Audible) you can truly feel that he resonates with the brand and product and doesn’t do it for the money.

Following his page really feels like getting a real life insight into his daily routines and thoughts that not only make him a successful business owner but also father and husband – have a look yourself!


MJ DeMarco (@mj.demarco)

What you’ll see: Quotes, videos and infographics on business, entrepreneurship and life advice, business memes

Why should you follow? No bullshit advice, straight to the point, controversial content that helps you wake up and makes you re-think popular beliefs

MJ DeMarco must be one of my favorite authors with his straight to the point and no bullshit attitude.

He’s a self made multimillionaire and is sharing content that helps you question many popular beliefs in life including money, wealth and happiness.

At first glance the page is very controversial and he’s saying things many of us don’t want to hear (e.g. the myth about “following your passion” and “do what you love”). That’s exactly what I like about him and his content.

If you’re ready for some straight to the point and no bullshit input that helps you grow, go follow his Instagram! (also highly recommend reading his books)


Gary Vee (@garyvee)

What you’ll see: Lots of video, reposts of his Tweets, business and life hustle

Why should you follow? Well… because he’s Gary Vee. 🙂

Gary Vee is one of the people I started following and reading all his books when I started my social media accounts. He gets straight to the point and his content just helps you take action!

You’ll mainly find business and life advice, especially geared towards the younger generation below 30 I’d say. He helps you realize that failing isn’t bad at all and that there’s plenty of time in life to make mistakes and learn from them. 

If you need a motivational guy that helps you start working on your dreams and stop procrastinating, follow him and you’ll get to work in not time!


Investmentpunk (@investmentpunk)

What you’ll see: Quotes and videos featuring him, Financial advice (German)

Why should you follow? Well executed personal branding, financial advice made easily digestible, real talk about financials, politics and the future economy  

To all my German speaking readers, make sure to have a look at this Instagram page! (to all non-German-readers, it might even be worth to translate his content)

Gerald Hörhan (aka. Investment Punk) might seem super edgy and awkward at first, but you’ll quickly realize that he knows what he’s talking about.

As a multimillionaire business owner and real estate expert he gets straight to the point with his no bullshit attitude.

He’s sharing videos with subtitles and quotes on his Instagram page that will make you think critically about today’s society, money and business – just like his books (all recommended reads!)


Tom Bilyeu (@tombilyeu)

What you’ll see: Quotes, reposts and interviews with other inspirational people

Why should you follow? Well curated content mixed with his own inspirational content


If you’ve been looking into motivational videos on Youtube, you’ve most likely seen Tom Bilyeu before. He is the Co-Founder of Questbars (fitness and nutrition products) and a motivational speaker.

What I like about his page is that he doesn’t only give his own input, but also shares quotes and videos to get you motivated.

On top of that he also interviews successful people and asks them critical questions which serves for great discussions to follow. Have a look at his account and get inspired!


Steven (@steven)

What you’ll see: Quotes, motivational speaking videos, reposts of his Tweets

Why should you follow? Great speaker, nice consistent mix of videos and quotes

When I first discovered Steve’s account I had a look at what he had to say and was quickly convinced to follow his content.

He’s a 26 year old entrepreneur and speaker and it’s great to see such a young driven guy use social media for the better.

Topics are mainly about general live advice and reaching your full potential. Looking for someone relateable in his mid 20’s doing awesome stuff ? You’ve found him, go give him a follow!


Motivation Mondays (@motivation_mondays)

 What you’ll see: Beautiful quotes on beautiful pictures

Why should you follow? To get your daily dosis of astethically pleasing quotes

This page shares beautiful quotes in a minimalistic style. The pictures are very professional and have a unique look.

Interested in up to three new posts each day to get you motivated? Motivation Monday’s is your page!


Global Positive News (@globalpositivenews)

What you’ll see: Positive heartwarming news from around the world, pictures with writing newspaper style

Why should you follow? To be reminded that there’s also good news, not just bad news

View this post on Instagram

After a series of miracle surgeries, 3-year-old Victoria Komada is now able to walk and do things like other kids her age. Both of Victoria’s legs were affected by a one in a million congenital malformation, where the legs are deformed and some bones are even missing. + The communities in Norwich and the family’s old home in Szezcin in Poland, managed to raise the £180,000 ($230,000) needed for her treatment. Victoria and her parents travelled to Florida last July to begin the process. While the family was initially told, 3-year-old Victoria would have to lose both her legs, a surgeon at the Paley Institute pulled off a miracle, managing to reconstruct one of her legs and save a part of the other to attach a prosthetic. + “They removed the cast and she started walking the same day,” said 31-year-old Marzena Drusewicz, Victoria’s mum. “It was horrible at the start but now I can say… we are happy.” — h/t: Eastern Daily Press Photos: Komada family ••• @globalpositivenews @globalpositivenews @globalpositivenews . . . #caring #heartwarming #positivepsychology #globalpositivenews #news #tanksgoodnews #Positivenews #positivenergy #positivity #onemillionactsofgood #mademecry #imnotcrying #imnotcryingyouarecrying #disabled #disability #disabilityawareness #disabledandcute #kidsareawesome #amputee #amputeelife

A post shared by Positive News (@globalpositivenews) on

Ever wondered why you feel bad or discouraged after watching TV news or reading local newspapers? Same here. And that’s why I love the idea of this page!

Check out the account on Instagram and you’ll find daily news that makes you remember that there are also good things happening around the globe – up to three new posts a day!

Some of the stories might seem crazy but the page does a good job at adding the sources of the news in the captions. Go follow the page for a news flash of positivity!


Now Future (@nowfuture)

What you’ll see: Quotes and infographics about business and life advice

Why should you follow? Great mix of topics and content styles

The problem with most curation pages is that they are too cheesy and/or are filled with ads.

But with this page, I feel different – Now Futures posts a great mix of pictures, quotes, videos and infographics that add value in different areas of life.

I myself have reposted a few posts in my stories already, so if you haven’t yet, check them out and make them part of your newsfeed if you enjoy the content!


Set up your Instagram feed to fuel your Personal Growth and well-being!

There you have it – 10 amazing accounts on Instagram to follow which will help you grow as a person. Select the ones you resonate with most and give them a follow so that their posts show up on your feed regularly. 

Simply by doing that, you will have a better experience when scrolling through your Instagram feed!

Additionally, unfollow other accounts that currently don’t improve your life so that more of the positive new content can show up and help you grow.

I hope you liked this post and it helped you explore a new side of Instagram by checking out the best Instagram accounts to follow for Personal Development in 2019!

What are you favorite positive accounts to follow? Share them in the comment section and let’s inspire each other!


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